Sustainability – A topic that is becoming increasingly important and is firmly anchored in the ARCORA corporate philosophy. Within the framework of the requirements of ISO 14001, to which ARCORA is certified, it is a fundamental objective, as a manufacturer of innovative and environmentally friendly products, to protect the environment. For ARCORA, a company that thinks outside the box, responsibility towards people, the environment and society is of great importance.

The focus is always on the continuous improvement of ecological, social and economic performance. ARCORA always strives to be in harmony with the environment in the development of environmentally friendly, innovative products and this across the entire value chain, from manufacturing to the provision of products to the disposal of packaging.

The entire company does its best to prevent or reduce environmental pollution and to meet the quality and environmental requirements of our customers, suppliers and employees. The ARCORA® GROUP makes it its business to act with fair and ethical behavior in all business activities. The company has a special responsibility towards its employees, business partners, suppliers as well as society and the environment. This means that the consequences of entrepreneurial actions and decisions are observed in economic, social and ecological terms and that applicable laws and legal regulations are complied with.

Integrity, respect for human dignity, openness and non-discrimination are particularly important values and principles for the company. Vulnerable groups are integrated and necessary protective measures and laws are complied with.

Based on this sustainability concept, ARCORA is constantly developing innovative solutions, such as the EASY CLEAN products. These products stand for user-friendly and environmentally friendly cleaning.The use of EASY CLEAN products is uncomplicated and contributes to the protection of the environment. The ARCORA PU-PAD, which is ideal for maintenance cleaning and has been produced in a 100% environmentally friendly way by using only recycled products, has an enormously high water absorption, so that a significant saving of water and chemicals can be achieved. A WORLD PREMIERE is the PUPAD-WKS system (Water Control System). The PU-PAD with lotus effect, which uses foam technology and Encapsulation System to produce optimal cleaning results. With the use of this pad, water savings of up to 80% and chemical savings of up to 60% are possible. Another WORLD PREMIERE is TENAS FLOOR, a 100% environmentally friendly special cleaner based on bio-polymers, which can be used as a basic, intensive, surface and multi-purpose cleaner. The ADR-, VOC-, GMO- and EDTA-free cleaner effortlessly removes stubborn dirt while being harmless to people and nature. Together, these innovative products are strong with the ORBITAL HEAVY OR17 orbital machine, whose use significantly improves mechanical cleaning power so that other factors such as chemicals and water can be minimized. With the combination of orbital technology, PU-PAD systems and TENAS FLOOR, excellent


Worldwide production facilities

We don’t want any ARCORA product to endanger the environment or be a detriment to the people who make it. That’s why we not only use sustainable materials, but are committed to fair working conditions and fair pay for the people who make ARCORA.

Origin of materials

In our worldwide production facilities, we always make sure to source our materials from local manufacturers. Therefore, our entire supply chain, starting with the renewable raw materials for the chemical industry, plastic granulates, textile fibers made of cotton or polyester, up to the finishing of our products.