University collaborations


We have found a compatible partner in the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences, which offers the special course of study Food, Nutrition and Hygiene.

This specialization deals with cleaning and hygiene technology, among other things. We thus offer students an opportunity for an internship or a bachelor’s thesis in the field of research and development.

Study Hygiene in Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Science

How is high-quality food produced, packaged and distributed safely and sustainably? What’s the deal with different diets from Detox to Paleo? How does community catering manage to serve thousands of food guests on time every day? What needs to be cleaned or disinfected, and when, to produce hygienically safe food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical devices? What makes a hospital hygienically safe? Hygiene is the right place for anyone interested in such questions.

The bachelor’s degree program in Food, Nutrition, Hygiene is extremely versatile and always practice-oriented. It combines basic scientific knowledge with food- and hygiene-specific, nutritional-physiological, engineering-technical, ecological and business management knowledge. Sensory, physical, chemical, microbiological and modern molecular-biological analysis methods meaningfully complement the training content. Thus, the course is the ideal university education for a successful career as a specialist or manager in attractive and crisis-proof industries. These include the entire, predominantly medium-sized, food industry, providers of supply services, manufacturers of equipment for food processing and storage, providers of cleaning technology, as well as cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies.

The aim of the versatile program is to prepare students in the best possible way for a direct career start in the company or for further master’s studies in Germany or abroad. Our graduates hold qualified positions in well-known companies in the region and worldwide. The basis of this success is the close link between science and practice, effective and varied teaching methods, and the modern orientation and excellent equipment of our degree program.

Is there really sawdust in fruit yogurt? Will refrigerators really be able to shop independently and coordinate with the stove in the future? These and many other exciting questions can be answered by students who have successfully completed their studies in food, nutrition and hygiene. They are familiar with all questions relating to food, nutrition and hygiene and have an application-oriented education for the entire area of the food industry as well as for the cleaning, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors.